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We would like for you to meet two of Black Solutions barbers, Calvin "Gee" Walker, and Kevin McIntyre Sr. They are Barbershop Owners, Educators, and Distributors of Black Solutions products.


Calvin "Gee" Walker

Calvin "Gee" Walker of Black Solutions

How long have you been working for Black Solutions?

I met Black Solutions at the Orlando Premiere Beauty Show in Florida in 2012.

What interested you in Black Solutions?

Right away I saw the products they were selling and that they were really creative and targeting Black Barbers. I started working with them immediately in the booth at that show.

What do you do as a Barber working for Black Solutions?

I am a platform artist for trade shows, educator for seminars, distributor of the line, product developer for new products, and believer for Black Solutions Products.

What advice would you share about how to prevent ingrown hair and what is the best product for African American men to use to prevent ingrown hair from reoccurring?

I recommend Black Solutions Skin Smooth to prevent ingrown hair. If you use after shaving, a keratin protein attaches to the cut hair's leading point and softens the hair, so that once the hair grows and curls, it does not have the leading point to penetrate into the skin. If a person has the problem, it can be used twice per day for 7 days and it will get rid of the problem. You can then use an exfoliator to remove the dead skin.

Where do you see yourself within the company in the near future?

Black Solutions has become an extension of my family. I see myself growing with the company for a long time. Black Solutions is a Black Family owned business that cares about the barber industry. They listen and are open to creating new and better products to give us what we need to enhance our barber game and make money while doing it.

How can we connect with you?

Questions: AskG@blacksolutions.com
Instagram: @black_solutions
Facebook: Germaine Walker


Kevin McIntyre Sr.

Kevin McIntyre - Distributor of Black Solutions productsWhy did you choose Barbering as a profession?

I chose Barbering because it gave me an outlet for being creative and because of its symmetry.

What are some of your favorite hair care products from the Black Solutions hair care line that you like to use on your client's hair?

Some of my favorite hair care products from the Black Solutions hair care line are the Fade2Black & Fade2Brown spray. It gives clients the versatility and option of adding color without the commitment of a permanent color. In situations where permanent color can't be used because of allergies you can use the Fade2Black & Fade2Brown spray. You can have the same effect, which is less harsh to the skin. Another favorite hair care product I like to use from Black Solusions is the So Fresh So Clean Waterless Shampoo. It is a great product to use as a detergent to clean hair before a service.

What has your experience been like working as a Barber/Distributor for Black Solutions?

It has been very enlightening, as well as exciting; it allows me to experience the best of both worlds. As a Barber, I learned what it takes to hone your craft to take it to the next level professionally. As well as the responsibility of customers receiving their products in a timely and professional manner.

Can you share a grooming tip with our readers on how to get the best shave?

The best shave begins with the best products. Get to know your clients, what environment they work in. You cater your service around that. You have to be willing to go above and beyond. You can relieve a complete day of stress with a client with a good thorough shave. A good lather or gel, followed by a soothing hot towel, facial hand massager to relieve the stress and tension and finally a cooling after shave. Remember to pull the skin tight while shaving, the tighter the pull, the cleaner the shave.

How can we contact you via social media?

Facebook: Kevin McIntyre
Instagram: @kingofdabeards

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